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Rose Castle Foundation (RCF) is based at Rose Castle, an 800-year-old fortress on the English-Scottish border, originally built to keep the enemy out.

Today, RCF is turning this history on its head, transforming Rose Castle into a global landmark for peace and reconciliation, welcoming those from both sides of a divide to live and learn together.

In collaboration with local and international partners, RCF is mobilising a global network of leaders to transform conflict by reconciling differences where others fight or flee.​


Here's our founder, Canon Sarah Snyder, to share more.


A holistic approach to reconciliation

Disagreement, misunderstanding and division exists at every level of society – within individuals, our families, communities, institutions and nations. Whilst healthy disagreement contributes to innovation and change, destructive fractures undermine individual, communal, organisational and societal wellbeing. Our leaders need the skills, motivation and experience to navigate conflict in ways that build resilience and contribute to societal flourishing.

We offer a holistic approach to reconciliation by starting from within and working out, focusing on our relationships with others and the environments in which we live.


Reconciliation with the self

Reconciliation starts from within. Our courses offer space to reflect on the way we see the world around us and how we respond to what we experience. Restoring brokenness within the self can reveal undiscovered capacities for leadership, enabling us to reimagine reconciliation with others, with God and with our environments.

Reconciliation with others

Division and disagreement can bring vital and innovative change. But when we build walls instead of bridges, we stop seeing those on the other side. Such dehumanising becomes deeply destructive at both a personal and systematic level. Our courses initiate a rehumanising process by inviting participants to encounter those across a divide and reimagine a shared future.

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Reconciliation with the environment

Land is often at the heart of, and left devastated by, conflict. Our courses help participants to reconnect with the environment and discover the ways that nature models reconciliation and interdependence, helping us to reimagine the systems we create and the ways we share inhabitation of our world.


We equip leaders to transform conflict

We work with communities, leaders and institutions to run programmes, build partnerships, and resource a network.