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I have now seen people of different faiths, cultures, traditions and nationalities sit and discuss controversial topics. We disagreed, sought to understand before being understood, and learned to accept each other. We then laughed about it while eating dinner together. This, for me, is how you make peace.

David, Coptic Christian, Egypt

Encounter Programme, July 2018



Our Encounter programmes offer an introduction to reconciliation, giving a taster of each element of our full encounter-engage-restore-reimagine journey. These programmes are tailored for groups who are encountering one another for the first time. You may already have a group in mind, or we can start that journey with you.


Our Engage programmes are a deep dive intensive into reconciliatory tools and themes that offer a more advanced opportunity for delegates to become equipped as reconcilers. These trainings are best suited to those who are eager to engage deeper in particular skills or topics, or those who are facing specific challenges within their own contexts.



Our Restore programmes offer space to retreat and reflect on our need for healing and relational restoration. These are low-key programmes that support participants in processing their experiences and equipping them with key skills to develop sustainable methods of finding peace in the everyday.


Our Reimagine programmes are interdisciplinary gatherings to share best practices and learn from mistakes. We invite participants to reimagine how they can contribute to sustainable peacemaking through entrepreneurial initiatives and creative collaborations.